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- Aug 18, 2017 -

Bulldozers are a kind of engineering vehicles. In front of the large metal bulldozing knife, when used, put down the blade, shovel and push forward the mud, sand and stones, the position and angle of the blade can be adjusted, can be completed alone excavation, soil and unloading work.
The bulldozer has the characteristics of flexible operation, convenient rotation, small working face and fast running speed. It is mainly applicable to the shallow excavation of one to three types of soil, such as site cleaning or formation, excavation depth is not small foundation pit and backfill, push to build a very small roadbed and so on.
A bulldozer is a road-building machine loaded with bulldozing shovels in front of a tractor for bulldozing and levelling of construction sites. For example, in the road construction, bulldozers can complete the treatment of Subgrade base, road side of the Earth to add a building height of not more than 1 meters of embankment, along the road centerline to shovel-digging transfer, the soil roadbed excavation works, according to the mountain to build half dike half a ditch subgrade. In addition, bulldozers can be used to flatten the site, pile loose materials, remove obstacles in the work area and so on.