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Motor grader
- Aug 18, 2017 -

The Earth-moving machinery that uses the scraper to flatten the ground. The scraper is mounted between the mechanical and rear axles, which can lift, tilt, rotate and extend. Flexible and accurate movement, easy to operate, the formation of a high precision site, suitable for the construction of Subgrade and road, slope, excavation side, can also be mixed pavement mixture, snow removal, push the bulk of materials and soil and gravel road maintenance work.
The grader is the main machinery used for shaping and levelling operations in earthwork, and is widely used in ground leveling operations such as highways and airports. The machine has a wide range of auxiliary operations, because its scraper can complete 6 degrees of movement in space. They can be done individually or in combination. The leveling machine can provide enough strength and stability for subgrade in subgrade construction. The main methods in Subgrade construction include flat-level operation, brush-slope operation and Embankment filling.
Grader is a high speed, high efficiency, high-precision and multi-purpose earthwork construction machinery. It can complete the road important content field, farmland and other large areas of ground formation and digging ditch, scraping slope, bulldozing, snow, loose, compaction, cloth, mixing, aid and land reclamation work. It is an important equipment in the construction of National Defense engineering, mine construction, road construction, water conservancy and farmland improvement. Road Subgrade, is the foundation of road, is an important part of highway engineering. The roadbed bears the traffic load from the pavement, is the supporting structure of the road, it must have sufficient strength, stability and durability. According to the different terrain, highway subgrade generally uses two forms of embankment and cutting.

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