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Special terms for forklift trucks
- Aug 18, 2017 -

1. Rated Weight: Refers to the fork of the cargo center of gravity at the specified load centre distance, the forklift should be able to lift the maximum weight. (unit kg)
2. Load Center distance: refers to the goods center of gravity Delivery Fork Vertical section of the front end of the specified distance.
The state stipulates that: Q (on behalf of load) is 400mm at 1t; 1≤q 5 o'clock is 500mm;
When the 5≤q≤10 is 600mm, the 12≤q≤18 is 900mm, and the 20≤q≤42 is 1250mm.
3. Maximum lifting height: refers to the forklift is located in the horizontal solid ground, the door frame vertical placement and bears the rated weight goods, the fork can rise the maximum height---the fork plane to the ground vertical distance.
4. Free lifting height: refers to the height of the door frame is unchanged, the fork can be the maximum height from the ground.
5. Minimum turning radius: refers to the steering wheel of the forklift to the limit position, and at the lowest stable speed to do the turning motion, its instantaneous center distance from the car body at the most outside.
6. Tilt angle: Refers to the maximum angle in which the door frame of the load-free forklift can sway forward or backward from its vertical position.
7. Wheelbase: Vertical distance from front axle center to rear axle center.

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