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2016 1-November Roller Sales Analysis Report:Stop fall and rise The future can be expected
- Aug 18, 2017 -

According to authoritative statistical data show, 2016 1-November, the total number of road roller sales 11066 units, up 13.06%, sales stopped and a small rebound trend, the total number of enterprises included in the statistics 23. From the statistical product type, can be divided into static grinding, tire type, single steel wheel, double steel wheel, light equipment (5t), and other types.
Sales small rally trend similar to previous years
From last January-November sales trend analysis, 2016, roller Year-on-year 2015 has a slight rise. From the monthly sales changes, the overall sales trend is still in line with the general trend of the market.
Sales of enterprises generally small rise
2016 1-November, in the still depressed market situation, the 23 brands have a small increase in sales. 2016 (in the first quarter), roller sales in more than 100 enterprises are: Xugong, 31 heavy industry, Jiangsu Steed, Xiamen work Triple, LiuGong Road, BMW lattice, state machine Lochen, Wirtgen Hummer, mountain push shares and other enterprises.
Single steel wheel roller for market main
From the model structure, 2016, mechanical single steel wheel roller still for the market sales of the main models, light roller, double steel wheel Press, hydraulic single steel wheel sales relatively large, and other models accounted for relatively small.
According to statistics, the tire-type roller is divided into 4 levels from below 16t to 30t, and the single steel wheel roller is divided into two types: mechanical and hydraulic. Among them, the mechanical roller from 5t to 22t is divided into 5 levels; all hydraulic rollers from the 10t below to 24t are divided into 8 levels; The two-wheel rollers are divided into 4 levels from 5t to 13t, and the remaining models are subdivided according to tonnage and operating modes.