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Bulldozer Sales Increased By 90.29% In May
- Aug 18, 2017 -

In May 2017, the 10 main bulldozers were included in the total sales of 529 types of bulldozers, the year-on-year increase of 90.29%, two consecutive months, this year, the third time since the year-on-year increase of more than 80%.
The main model of 160 horsepower bulldozers in May sales of 317 units, the total sales of 59.92%, the proportion continued to decline, followed by 220 horsepower, sales of 112 units, the total sales of 21.17%.
May Wetland bulldozer sales shrank sharply, 150 sales accounted for 28.36% of total sales. Wetland bulldozers are also concentrated in 160 horsepower, with sales of 130 units, which account for 86.67% of the total sales of wetland-type bulldozers.
From the brand competition, the mountain pushed the leading position is still not shake, May a total of 370 bulldozers sales, accounting for the total sales of 69.94%, followed by propaganda workers, 47 sales accounted for 8.88%.
To see the regional market, Hubei Province in May to 51 sales to win the region's top sales, the first five provinces in turn, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shandong. It is worth mentioning that Beijing has rushed to 6th place with 15 sales.
May, the bulldozer overseas performance particularly eye-catching, altogether exports each type of Bulldozer 194 units, hit the nearly three years high. 76 units last year, up 155%. Among them, the mountain pushed export 150 units, accounted for 77.32%, 160 horsepower total exports 104 units, accounted for 53.6%.
May, China Construction Machinery Commerce Network, this month, a total of more than 400 bulldozers, mainly concentrated in the mountain push SD16, mountain push sd16l, engineering sd6g, engineering SD7, in the joint zd160-3, Mountain push SD22, mountain machinery SEM816, mountain push SD16TL and other models.