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How To Protect The Safety Of The Excavator During The Rainy Season Accident
- Aug 18, 2017 -

July late August early, most parts of the country are in the rainy season, this time hurricane showers, flash floods, landslides and other natural disasters, the impact on the construction of excavators is very large. Many operators due to lack of experience, resulting in excavator water, trapping and even submerged, and so on often. So, in the rainy season construction should pay attention to what situation?
1. Observe the surroundings before construction:
Before the construction to carefully pay attention to the surrounding environment, if the site is located in the hillside, river Valley, then the first to determine whether the surrounding mountains are prone to landslides, landslides, debris flow is possible, whether the mountain is broken, water is cloudy. If you are working in a low-lying area, check the surrounding drainage and keep an eye on the weather forecast for the last two days.
2. Inspect the site for soft trapping:
Rainy ground soft and humid, the most afraid is the excavator trap. If conditions permit, use a bamboo pole to explore the surrounding geological conditions before construction. With a bamboo pole in the construction ground to push down, if can easily poke under a meters or so, then the ground is too soft, excavator very easy to trap car, it is difficult to do normal construction.
3. Be vigilant during construction:
If the construction site is prone to landslides or easy to trap the environment, the construction process should always pay attention to the surrounding environment changes. If you feel that the excavator will sag in the construction, stop the construction immediately and use the large arm to support the body to prevent further subsidence; then drive the excavator back immediately and do not drive in the other direction. If the construction to find the surrounding mountains have stone tumbling, or the mountain has a different sound, the river changed into a muddy, to immediately drive to safety zone, personnel transferred to the open and safe Highland.
4. The construction stops safely:
After the construction, must not be afraid of trouble, to park the excavator to a higher open ground, to avoid flooding, stoning and other unexpected circumstances.
Digging machine parking as far as possible using this posture, this kind of parking mode oil cylinder all in a Contracting State, the oil tank all bubble in the hydraulic oil, in the rainy day or around the risk of falling stone, such a stop method can greatly protect the safety of the oil cylinder.
In addition, as far as possible to keep the excavator in a certain amount of fuel, in case of accident, the excavator can be evacuated at any time.