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July Bulldozer Sales 345 Consecutive 4 Months Rose Over 50%
- Aug 18, 2017 -

July 2017, the 11 main bulldozer production enterprises to sell all types of bulldozers 345 units, the year-on-year growth of 51.98%.
This year, in addition to the year-on-year decline in March, bulldozers sales in the remaining 6 months to achieve year-on-year rise, more than 5 months year-on-year increase in more than 50%, the industry has been strong momentum.
August 2016-July 2017 bulldozer monthly sales and year-on-year changes
August 2016-July 2017 bulldozer monthly sales and year-on-year changes
January-July, bulldozers accumulated sales of 3614 units, 2016 years of 2640 units, growth of 36.89%.
July, the mountain pushed sales bulldozers 217 units, accounted for 62.9% of the total sales, engineering, mountain machinery respectively 42 units, 25 sales ranked second third. January-July Mountain Push cumulative sales bulldozers 2669 units, accounting for the total sales of 73.89%, followed by engineering, LiuGong, Mountain machinery and moving mountains.
From the model, 160 horsepower for the main sales model, January-July cumulative sales of 2323 units, the total sales of 64.28%, followed by 220 horsepower, sales of 609 units, accounting for 16.85%.
July, the Bulldozer exports continued outstanding performance, a total of 139 units exported, 5 consecutive months over hundred Taiwan. Exports accounted for 40.29% of total sales in July, the highest since January 2016.
January-July, the total number of bulldozers exported 920 units, accounting for 25.46%, the year-on-year increase of 557 units reached 65.17%.
January-July Standard bulldozer sales of 2097 units, accounting for 58.02%.
From the sales area, Anhui Province, Hubei province is a bulldozer demand for large provinces, the previous July sales of more than 200 units, and Tianjin, Tibet to the least sales provinces.
In the industry continues to rise in the atmosphere, online inquiry also presents a hot situation. China Construction Machinery Commerce Network Arm Mall since July, the bulldozer inquiry has been rising.