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July Excavator Sales Increase 1 Time Times Engineering Machinery Cycle Recovery Continued
- Aug 18, 2017 -

Securities Times Network (www. stcn. com) August 08, according to the new information reported, according to the China Construction Machinery Industry Association Mining Machinery Branch Industry statistics, January-July this year into the statistics of 25 mainframe manufacturing enterprises, total sales of various types of mining machinery products 82725 units, Year-on-year rise 101.3%. The industry said that the construction machinery cycle upward, mainly by the demand for infrastructure investment to update the impact of demand, in which the replacement accounted for a large share, the next 2-3 years to update the demand still have a larger space. In addition, since 2012, the construction machinery industry after 5 years of sustained depth adjustment, the competitive landscape improved. 31 Heavy Industry (600031, Stock bar), Sunward Intelligence (002097, shares) and other excavator companies are expected to benefit from continued recovery.