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July Excavator Sales Increased By 108.9%
- Aug 18, 2017 -

Economic Daily August 15 (reporter Gillet Lei) China Construction Machinery Industry Association Mining Machinery Branch recently released statistics show that July total sales of various types of mining machinery products 7656 units, year-on-year growth of 108.9%. Among them, the domestic market sales (excluding Hong Kong and Macao) 6993 Taiwan, year-on-year growth of 126%, export sales 659 units, year-on-year growth of 15.4%.
Industry experts said, benefiting from real estate investment than market expectations and infrastructure construction in the Midwest, the July excavator data continued to recover high growth, year-on-year and cumulative year-on-year growth of 3 consecutive months have exceeded 100%.
From the concrete structure, the big dig increases 141.23%, digs the growth 103.08%, the small digs increases 103.7%, the big excavation sales growth is still strong; the number of hours, the July single month to achieve 5.31% growth, the chain growth 6.97%. The number of start-up hours continues to increase, indicating that the operating rate of terminal equipment is still relatively full, the future demand for prosperity is still high.