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July Grader Sales 305 Units Year-on-year Growth 25.51%
- Aug 18, 2017 -

According to the data, in July, 10 of the graders were included in the production of 305 graders, and the year-on-year growth was 25.51%. 2017 1 ~ July, the whole industry sales all kinds of graders 2631, year-on-year growth of 39.35%.
On the enterprise side, July, ranked the top sales of the Xugong Road, followed by LiuGong, Changlin, Caterpillar, in the previous July total sales volume, 4 companies accounted for 38%, 18%, 13%, 11%.
Model, July 180 hp again become a best-selling model, its sales of 65 units, followed by 165 horsepower, sales of 39 units.
Regional, Xinjiang still occupies the title of sales champion, 2017 years ago 7 months, Xinjiang cumulative sales grader 174 units, far ahead of other provinces, followed by Henan and Jiangsu.
Exports, a total of 155 graders this month, accounting for 50.82% of total sales. 2017 years ago, the export volume of $date graders grew by about 20% per cent last year.