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People Who Can Raise Excavators Do Daily Checks
- Aug 18, 2017 -

The old driver knows that routine inspection is the basic guarantee for safe and efficient operation of excavators and prolong the service life, and can detect and repair all kinds of faults and defects in time to avoid further development into major faults. You must not think that the excavator inspection is more complicated, more waste of time, also don't say you do not know which parts to check, and ignored, careful when there are big problems when there is no place to cry!
The following small series to teach you a set of machine inspection method, as long as the use of 10 minutes a day around your love Machine walk a lap, you can complete a simple medical examination, is so magical. To learn, to walk.
1. Three oil a water every day to see
(1) Oil: The excavator parked in the flat ground, take out the oil ruler, see if the oil level between the h-l two scale, and see if the oil is deteriorating, not meet the situation, timely replacement and filling oil. Less oil and oil deterioration will cause the body internal part of the lack of lubrication, resulting in excessive wear, thereby damaging the body.
(2) Fuel: Domestic diesel oil is generally moisture, more magazines, it is recommended that you work every day before the diesel oil tank and water separator for drainage operation.
Unscrew the drain valve under the oil-water separator, then drain it clean. With the automatic drainage function of the oil-water separator is more simple, as long as the alarm signal, you can press the water button in the cab to drain, and then automatically close the drainage valve, so as to ensure that water separator in a timely manner.
As a part of the excavator engine, the oil-water separator plays a role in improving the quality of diesel oil, which is needed by the high-pressure common-rail engine. Oil-Water separator Once the problem will cause the engine smoke anomaly, valve coke, engine power drop, such as a series of failures, serious may lead to engine damage, so the oil-water separator ordinary maintenance is very important.
(3) Hydraulic oil: Through the hydraulic oil level gauge to see whether the hydraulic oil level between the h-l, observe the color of the hydraulic oil is clear, such as hydraulic oil metamorphism to replace the new hydraulic oil in time.
(4) Cooling water: Check whether the water level is between the upper and lower limits of the water tank, such as water level below the lower limit, add cooling water to the water tank.
2. Hose and hydraulic pipe and other pipelines are relatively delicate parts of the excavator, a set of original hydraulic pipe price is expensive, so be sure to pay attention to observation at ordinary times.
Check the pipeline and circuit every day, such as leakage, kink, damage or damage, such as the size of the arm has a slight crack, see the bucket of wear, see the bucket teeth loose.
3. Every day at the site, can not avoid the crawler board by silt wrapped sticky. Before starting work must clear off body sticky mud, bent over the track and the chassis to check whether there are obstructions.
4. Excavator body can be real iron, such a large work intensity, the lack of butter for its "dry grinding", axle pins and bushings can be really unbearable, will occur serious wear, a few days clearance is very large. So before the daily work, it is important to lubricate the front-end working device and the pins and butter of each part. In the water, mud or crushing and other special operating environment, it is recommended that 2-3 hours of lubrication.

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