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Used Pump Trucks Sany

Used Pump Trucks Sany uses pressure to continuously transport concrete through pipelines.

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Used Pump Trucks Sany uses pressure to continuously transport concrete through pipelines. 

Pumping technology is the key technology of pump production, which has unparalleled lead in this field. In the protection of high-quality products at the same time, its long-term commitment to provide more cost-effective pumping products, to maximize customer value. Sany Heavy Industry "concrete pumped key technology research and development and application" by the 2005 National Science and Technology Progress Award, is the only industry with the honor of the professional manufacturers.

At present, the Sany transport machinery, mixing equipment has become the first brand, concrete pump truck, concrete pump share of the first domestic, pump production ranks first in the world, is the world's largest long boom, large displacement pump Car manufacturing enterprises.

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